Denise McCluggage...

(Creamed coloured MG -TC...1955 or 1956)

(Denise lived at 11, Cornelia Street New York. This street is just around the corner where Denise and McQueen would meet at Joe's luncheonette on West 4th St. in Greenwich Village)


I lived at 11 Cornelia  Street. There was a gate that led to a building in the rear of the building on the street. I lived on the top floor of the building in back. Two flats on each floor. Mine was the one on the south side. All very small.

Directly across Cornelia street at that time was a small store front building which was usually a produce store. Then empty. I took it over and created an office for Competition Press, a racing newspaper that i was putting out at the time. After i sold it to Road & Track it traveled to California, then Nevada and later Detroit. It is now AutoWeek.

Steve was often at my office.

It no longer is there. The large building it was in had an entrance on 6th avenue around the corner. However sometime after I moved to Vermont  the owners of that apartment building remodelled and turned what had been my office into the entry of their building. Once on 6th ave, now on Cornelia.

Joes was on West 4th street one block toward Sheridan Square on the corner. The southeast corner. Don't know the address or what is there now. I met Steve in front of the luncheonette where he had his MG-TC parked and was showing someone a Herbert Johnson crash helmet friends had just sent to him from England. His TC was cream coloured. I had a red one at the time.

Steve was, in the next couple of weeks or months, set to go to LA to become Josh Randall on TV. His career was about to blossom into stardom.

Much of the rest of the story was in the piece I wrote for AutoWeek after Steve died.

Hope this helps.


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