Existentialism is the word....

Do not follow where the path may lead.

Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail........

The fence was found............


Tried to contact you via your new Great Escape site but it will not allow me to email.
Guess what, I have just returned from Fusson Friday 03 September 2010 after a week there. I looked for any information on the net prior to 22 August 2010 on locations of the film but did not locate your site. I only found it on my return home.
Myself, wife and two daughters spent 2 weeks away, one week in Prague then the other week in Munich. I travelled to Fusson every day for 2 days,95 Miles one way. I tried my hardest to locate the jump site but every meadow looked the same. I had roughly the same location but on my second day on returning it was raining and the mountains covered in clouds. What I did notice from the film that when they film Steve McQueen getting up from the bike crashing into the wire there is a road next to him but it is not shown when Ed does the jump which leads me to think Steve McQueen was not filmed where Ed crashes, maybe I am wrong ?
I took a couple of shots in the town of which I will email to you with my daughter in the shots though.
I was gob smacked when I returned and seen your site. Wished I found it earlier. I plan on returning next year and staying for a week in Fusson.

The Great Escape scenery........


David McCallum's Fussen station scene

James Coburn's  cafe scene



Richard Attenborough's Old Fussen town scenes.

Hello Don,

I have just found out about your website from John Leyton’s website.  He and I have often spoke of the locations but his knowledge was quite vague but a while ago he put me in touch with Dave Bull – I believe that was his name who was very informative.  The reason I have so much interest is that I have been one of John’s fans since I was a teenager (long time ago), and saw the film countless times.  I never for one moment thought about where it was filmed other than the scenery was beautiful.  Years later I married a soldier and we lived in North Germany but started to holiday in the south – a beautiful little town called Pfronten.  I still had no idea there was a Great Escape connection though!  Loving it so much we went back time and time again and would still be going there if it were not for having an ageing dog to look after.  We became friends with the owners of the camping site we stay at and nobody ever mentioned the film and there is nothing around Pfronten to suggest such an iconic film was made there. We have visited the cemetery surrounding the church as the original owner of the camping site died and was buried there.  There is a water colour of it on my living room wall.  We have a badge from the Burgermeister for being ‘loyal guests’ – that was after 10 yrs!  Our last visit was two years ago when due to Dave’s info, I did start to realise where the locations were, especially in Fussen.  It came as an enormous surprise to realise that I had been visiting these spots for years without ever making the connection.

John had hoped to participate in a Great Escape rally a while ago and it would have coincided with one of our trips so we hoped to meet up for a coffee but it didn’t materialise.  Now it is unlikely that I will be able to return for a while, but hopefully good health will prevail and we will go back in a couple of years time.  Our house was once called Pfronten, but as I said nothing whatsoever to do with the film.  I will be visiting your website regularly – it is fantastic for a Pfronten/John Leyton/Great Escape fan such as myself.  Well done and I hope you get lots of info passed over to you.

Best regards 

Pam (Small) 

John Leyton Newsletter(Oct./Nov.2010): The Great Escape.
A new website is now available for the many of you who are interested in this ever popular film. Don Whistance has spent time in Germany locating many of the original film locations and has recently started a website. www.thegreatescapelocations.com.
I am currently planning to visit many of the original locations. This will be a trip down memory lane for me and together with a film crew we will be filming for a possible future DVD release.

Where is the hut located?

  A  .kmz file can only be opened if you have Google Earth installed.

Billy Williams, Kansas City.

email address: briansaad@videotron.ca                             

 First, a big ‘Thank you’ for your work. It is appreciated. 

This movie brings back great memories of a Saturday afternoon old war movie watching with my Dad. I was very interested to learn that the movie was filmed in and around Pfronten. I have an uncle in the nearby village of Hohenfurch and spent many a summer in this area. 

I believe I may have located the barn/hut.  If you have Google Earth loaded on your machine I can send you .kmz files for your review.


 The view in Google Earth is a bit 'above' the corresponding scene in the movie (this is a recurring issue with all the .kmz files) Rotate the view down and it should line up correctly.  The image is a Panoramio Photo found just north of the pin location.  It shows Zell with the Eisenberg beyond.

2) 2-04.kmz

This is the correct view for section #1.

The .kmz file names relate to the time bar of the following video.


They will be sent in separate emails, apparently Google Earth only allows one to email .kmz individually. 

           3) 2:46.kmz

 Notice the power line in the immediately behind Steve?  Rotate the attached .kmz up and pan out a bit and you will see the a modern power line in the same position.  Also take note to the configuration of the barn at 2:01.  Though the image is quite blurry, I believe the extension/addition on the left can be made out when viewed
from above.


Panorama of Pfronten from Google Earth.  This image is closer and slightly to the North/right of the scene in the movie but clearly shows the mountain ridge silhouette.

What do you think?

5)  0:38 Switzerland.kmz  

Steve just beyond the creek on the left of the shot.  Watch the video and compare the shape creek as it flows toward the lake between 0:38 and 0:47.

The location you show on your website is spot on.


6) 0:47.kmz

Similar location to your video on Youtube.  Now that I think about it, I found your website through by going to the link on your Youtube videos.

7) Excellent!  Do you think it possible to create a link to the .kmz files as well?  It would be great to have a Pfronten local verify.
In regards to section 4. The attached image has been downloaded from Google Earth and re-sized.  It was taken just north and east of scene 0:38 (the original can be found on Google Earth).  I believe the location of scene 0:38 is just to the right of the barn and at south of
the new road embankment.  It looks as though the new road construction may have obliterated the actual site.  The image matches reasonably well with the sweeping shot from 0:20 to 0:38.

8) Another image from Google Earth.  This image was taken just south of the Uferstrasse.   It matches well with scene 0:47 and your video on youtube.  

Google Earth 1 .....Great Escape Poster Location.

Google Earth 2.....Great Escape Poster Location

Google Earth 3.....Rides away from the poster location

Google Earth 4.....Rides away from the poster location

Google Earth 5.....Arrives at The Hut with Pfonten in the distance

Google Earth 6.....Near The Hut with Pfonten in the distance

Google Earth 7.....Riding away from The Hut

Google Earth 8.....Riding away from The Hut

Google Earth 9.....Pfonten in the distance

Google Earth 10....Pfonten in he distance

Google Earth 11.....The Hut with Benken nearby

Google Earth 12....The Hut with Benken nearby


Very interested to view your website which has provided me with much pleasure in viewing the sites on Google Earth.

In regard to the exact position of the motorcycle jump, I have studied your photos and videos and also viewed the film footage several times. This has led me to pinpoint what I think is the precise undulation in the field which provides the take off point for the motorcycle. If you copy and paste the following co-ordinates into the Google Earth search panel, it will take you straight to it.

Please let me know if you agree.

Jump Co-ordinates:
47°35'6.00"N, 10°35'51.79"E     

Look forward to hearing from you.

Steve R
England (11.12.11)  ravenscroft94@hotmail.com


Brian - Montreal, Canada (27.12.10)
I would like to thank you for your time and energy and this fantastic web site. I was stuck trying to find out where the chase was filmed, now I will be heading there next summer, thanks to you. If you are heading back let me know. All the best. Brian

Hi Don thank you for responding. I am from the Montreal area Canada. I found the site by just googling Great Escape movie locations. Nobody on the Steve McQueen forum could help or movie location web sites, some sites only said Fussen. I will rent a car. I would like to bring my Harley Davidson but the transport costs would be high$$$.

Bye for now. Brian  briansaad@videotron.ca


Hi Don will you be in the area from 7-11 August 2011.  I will be in Pfronten. Brian
Great website


 I live in Baveria & have a replica of the TR6 used in the film (see attached photo). My bike was built on spec  by the London Triumph pre-unit specialist, Ace Classics, that used the photo shown on left for their annual Triumph calander.
As I was in the Fussen area today, I drove around trying to visualize where the film was made, then found your website this evening. My intention is to visit Fussen this summer with the Triumph, for a tour of the area. I mentioned this to the lady at the Fussen Municiple Museum, & she was quite interested, as her uncle had been somehow involved in the film, possibly as an extra.
If you can share the names & contact details of the persons mentioned there, I would be interested in contacting them myself when I arrive next summer. I'm sure they'd be interested in seeing the motorcycle.
Steve Whelan

I'm a duel-citizen US/Irish, living in Europe since 1973. Since three years I'm living in Hassfurt, on the Main river between Schweinfurt & Bamberg. Am self-employed as an aircraft certification engineer, have a 1942 Piper L4B US Army airplane & six motorcycles. I commissioned the Great Escape triumph, as I always wanted a 650 TR, I thought the GE model was cool, & as a military style bike I don't need to worry about how clean it is, like my others. The dirtier it is, the better it looks. It does get oily quickly as is typical TR.
Did you know two slightly different bikes were built for the film? One was used for the jump & the other as a publicity model, and there are slight technical differences between them. I did as much research as possible on the bikes in order to build mine & found several interesting facts about them. If you'd like, I can write some information about the bikes for your website.
Perhaps the local Fussen newspaper would be interested in a 50th anniversary article on the filming. The lady I met in the town museum mentioned the filming was the event of the year in 1962, & it seems a few of the locals are still around.

Any chance you'll be returning to Germany in the future? Perhaps we can meet up for a beer!       

Steve Whelan


Hello Don (17.5.11)

Glad I found your website, I will be in Germany next month for a 2 week motorcycle ride.  I will be riding down to Fussen & Pfronten to follow up on a previous trip in 2008 where my time was limited to search out all the sites you have listed.

I did ask at the Tourist Office in Fussen about the movie locations and was told that Pfronten area  was used also. This made sense to me as it
was a more open area for the m/c scenes. This lead me to research Pfronten / Great Escape sites and found yours. I didn't realize it had that many followers.

A couple of questions:
What is the village that James Coburn steals the bicycle and rides away? (Speiden)

As 'Danny & Willy" row down the river - what town is the background?   (Old Fussen)

The prominent mountain in the background with the m/c scene's - I would assume is the Zugspitze.

  I just learned recently that a distant cousin Thomas "Tim" Howell was in Stalag Luft 3 and was #99 on the list to escape for his work as a
Next year I will plan on visiting the camp site at Zagan. I will be making some notes etc and will be armed with as much information for my visit.

Do they have any organized groups / tours of the area?

Thanks again,

Robert Howell (email address: rmhowell@telus.net )
Vancouver, Canada

HI Don,

Just got back from my trip. After reviewing the movie at home. I did recognize Fussen in the background as they row down the river. Actually look closer it is the same bridge the car crossed to shoot the Germans at the cafe. Also on the right side you can see the white pillar and same buildings in that cafe scene.

I re checked your website when I was in Fussen and went to Speiden for the scene location of James Coburn cycles out of. Not much changes in 50 years.

Also the scene where Coburn cycles up to a Rail Road crossing prior to sneaking on the freight train was shot in Pfronten by the rail station, again not much has changed .

Had lots of fun searching for those sites.

Rob  rmhowell@telus.net   (22.7.11)


Hi Don,

Are you on the road to Fussen?

Ok, some more questions that keep coming up for me.

1 - The town square where Coburn steals the bike - is that also in Speiden?  

2 - Location of the Neustadt train station.   (Near the Bavaria Film Studio - refer to my 'Fussen' page for details).

3 - Train station where David McCallum's character is shot?    (Fussen Railway Station)

4 - In your website you show Hilts and the trip wire scene near Hopfen, but on the map you have the trip wire near Pfronten / Reid, which is a few miles away. Also on the map you have #3 - Ride towards town ( Reid) - not the Hopfen - Fussen road. Am I missing something ? The ride after he gets the m/c in the movie is on the flat Hopen - Fussen road with the lake on the left hand side?
The ride you show on the map is downhill and no lake.  (After visiting for the second time, the trip wire has Hopfen am See in the background)

Thanks for the patience in answering my questions.

Going back to Germany next year for another ride and more follow up on the sites I didn't have time to find.

Talk to you soon, as there will probably be more questions.


Robert (7.8.11)


Hi Don!
My name is Marek and I'm a director of the "P.O.W. Camps Museum" in Zagan/Poland where a real Stalag Luft 3 was.
I saw your website and it is great! I'm truly impressed.
Museum's FB profile where you can find some photos:
Marek Lazarz

Hi Don

A huge thanks to you for such a marvellously thorough and entertaining website.

I led a party of 5 classic BSA twin motorcycles (so close relatives of the Triumph in the film) to the location area a few weeks ago in July
2011. We met some interesting locals who told us about some of the filming, notably around the footbridge area in Pfronten - just after the
kick-in-the-stomach scene.

Without your annotated map. we'd never have found the jump scene, but with it we were able to ride right up to it. We only got air under out
tyres in our own minds, of course, but just to be there nearly 50 years on was fantastic.

Here's a photo, you're welcome to post it.


Andrew ( a10anders@googlemail.com )

Andrew Wilson (4.8.11)


Hi Don

I've got more photos, just waiting to collate them from my fellow riders. I'll forward the best ones in due course.

We stayed in the Apartmenthotel Seespitz, in Widensee on the A310 half way between Fussen and Pfronten, ideal for the locations in Pfronten. It's a great place - sort of studio accommodation with a kitchen, but also has restaurants.

I think you have the scenes pretty well covered. There's a bridge over the river at Fussen with a sweeping bend that I think was the site for
the (supposedly French) resistance shoot-up from the Citroen car.

I'm from near Edinburgh. My fellow riders were from Scotland, California and Australia, all members of the BSA owners' club worldwide.

Andrew (4.8.11)
Dear Mr. Whistance,

I can not describe how I felt when I found your homepage about the locations of The Great Escape. Being a Steve McQueen "enthusiast" for many years and with TGE being my favourite movie, I searched for locations for many years now. Official sources are very rare and it is hard to find a start.

It was a big moment for me to find the pictures of how today it looks. I'll browse your site completely through the next days. Thank you for this wonderful thing.

I've seen that you're planning a tour to the locations in 2012. I live in Munich, not far away from the spots and would be very happy to receive more information about the tour.

I would be very happy to read your answer.

Best wishes, Andreas Klein (27
What a fantastic website!
Now I'm seriously behind schedule for today's work because I had to check it it out in it's entirety immediately :)
I live near Stuttgart (100 miles from Füssen) and used to live in Munich for 10 years. I'm also a film historian and huge McQueen fan. But I'm very bad when it comes to spotting locations. I can't get used to the fact that places changes so much over the years. I've been to Pfronten etc. but never really recognized the locations. I probably wasn't looking hard enough. In 1995 I took same stills for an American friend who wanted to see the 'Stalag' location. He was puzzled when he just saw big trees (all re-planted, just behind the Bavaria sound stage).
Anyway, many many thanks! Maybe someday I'll take a trip to the locations in my vintage sports car accompanied by an English (or American) fan of the film and have a great time! I'd love to do that and we'd film everything...
I just co-authored STEVE McQUEEN - THE ACTOR AND HIS FILMS. 492 pages, 1020 photos. The ESCAPE chapter is about 30 pages. To be published in the US / UK this November.
Mike Siegel, Germany  www.eldoradofilm.com
(I'm currently having trouble with my e-mail server - please ignore multiple sent messages..)
El Dorado Productions                    
Mike Siegel
71106 Magstadt
Hello Don!  My name is Billy Williams.  You may remember me, I sent you some google earth information about possible film locations in and around Pfronten (see above for details).
I visited your site today and was very happily surprised to see your new pictures and information.  My son and I also visited Pfronten this past June 2011 and spent an afternoon tracking down some of the locations.  It was a father and son adventure we will never forget. 
I have some interesting pictures to share with you, I will send them this evening from my home computer. 
Thank you for you effort and keep up the good work!

  ( billypaulwilliams@gmail.com ) (8.11.11)

Hi Don

Was watching The Great Escape tonight for unteenth time, and thinking that much looked like southern Bavaria, so searched and found your site.
My family lived in Grunwald from from 1975 to 1979, so I was utterly shocked to find that much was filmed at Bavaria Film and Grosshesselohe.  Passed Bavaria Film on the tram often, and wandered around the outside sets for "Twilights Last Gleaming" (was built in a field a few miles away), also bicycled across the Isar on the bridge by Grosshellesohe many times.  Just never had any idea about the links to The Great Escape, too bad.

Very informative site, I'll check back often.


Great site! Is there a number I can call you on as my friends and I are going to a Triumph bike do in Austria in June and would like to "do"  the Steve McQueen touristy thing. I need to pick your brains as it were.
Mark Knights (knightsmark@rocketmail.com)   3.5.12
Good afternoon Don

Firstly what a great site you have created, very interesting indeed! Now I wonder if you can help, I will be running a motorcycle trip called the Great Escape 2 in June 2013 and we will be visiting the area around Fussen to see where the film was made, however please can you assist me concerning the exact location of the jump site. If possible could you send me a map of the area and directions as to how to reach the site from Pfronton. I have tried to plot it from the web site but got a bit lost.

I will be visiting the site in both July and Sept to raise money for injured service men and women here in the UK, I see you have a trip arranged for August and I will see if I can join you, it appears to be an excellent idea. Please have a look at my web www.greatescapetours.org and this will give you the general idea of what we intend to do

If you can assist, please could you contact me at peterikon@aol.com .

Many thanks I hope that you can help

Peter Spowage


Just want to thank you for the unique and wonderful website! I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, but will be staying in Pfronten for a week in June. I stayed there once before, around fifteen years ago, but did not know then about the filming of The Great Escape in the area.  I am looking forward to my upcoming visit, and will enjoy it even more as a result of visiting your website.  Thanks again!
Chris Haenicke (chaenicke@sbcglobal.net )

Here is Rob Davis standing where the bus was, May 29th 2012. As he was orientating the shot against the original, an elderly lady passer-by saw the printed copy and said "Oh! That's from the movie! It was shot right here!" The movie camera's position is where the fountain is now . Video footage of this is on YouTube.

Hello Don
Nothing to add to the website but just thought that I would tell you that we have just spent two lovely weeks in beautiful Pfronten (as well as 9 days on the Rhine).  Whilst in Pfronten we passed several of The Great Escape locations whilst going out and about - Hopfen, Füssen etc.  although we weren't specifically looking for them this time. 
Hope The Great Escape trip to the area has been enjoyed by all?  I think this is around about our 33rd stay in Pfronten and I still can hardly believe that we were going there for so long without knowing that so much of the area was used in the film, although as I have said before, whenever I watched the film it always reminded me so much of Pfronten.  We have an original water colour of St Nikolaus Kirche and the surrounding scenery in our living room which we bought there a while ago so a constant reminder of our favourite holiday spot.  I sent a postcard to John Leyton, but never sure if he gets them.  He is doing a big tour in the Autumn with Marty Wilde and Eden Kane, so I will be seeing him a few times then. 
Best regards
Pam (Small) 6.8.12
Hello Don
Thank you for the tip re the new pages - thoroughly enjoyed reading them.  Such a pity that we were there just a bit too early for me to have been able to join you.
I was fascinated to read about the Pergola at Hopfen.  I often wondered if Steve McQueen would have travelled from his base closer to Munich for scenes around Pfronten.  It seemed unlikely as it would have meant a fair journey either way.  Is it likely that John Leyton stayed there too although there is no mention on the page?  I could ask him but he forgets the names anyway! 
Apart from the film being so iconic, it just happens to have been filmed in some wonderful locations and hopefully we will be returning next year, good health permitting.  Keep up the good work.
Best wishes
Pam (20.8.12)


Hi there,
First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Payne (Ex Military) bought a house (Old guest house in Pfronten Germany)
One part of the house has been converted to cater for holiday groups of 10 to 15 people, although more can fit in if they don't mind roughing it.
See link (In German but pictures paint a thousand words).
I set up an outdoor thing a while back which you can see at www.zoneactive.eu 
I think it would be cool to set up an info corner on the great escape and even make some of the rooms into theme rooms (I have absolutely no material though)
The hall way in the holiday flat is bigger than most living rooms so would be way big enough for such a display.
This in turn would make my place interesting for groups of enthusiasts to visit the location. I am Scottish so would be a laugh.
Would beat just booking into a boring hotel or?
What do you think?
All the best
Kevin Payne   (Allgäuerstr 17. 87459 Pfronten-Ried)


Allgäuerstr 17. 87459 Pfronten-Ried


Hello Don,
 What an exciting website! Thank you sooooo much!!!
I have been a huge fan of The Great Escape since I seen it on the "Big" screen for the first time when my father took me to the local theatre back in 1964.
Wish I would have found your web site and plans for a get together months ago as I have already made plans to visit Fussen next month on July 4th.
While in Germany I would like to visit the field where the plane crash near Miesbach. One must think that could have been the place where Relyea life may have ended way too soon.
I will be thinking of your get together in August and wish I could be there to meet you.
Keep up the good work!
Louis Windemuth
Cumberland, MD  USA   (10.6.13) louisp@hereintown.net


Hi Don,
What a great site you have produced. Myself, wife & daughter would like to come on the 2013 tour. I have managed to get my 2 weeks leave which was very hard to. If you would accept us to come have you the details. We would like to stay in the hotel you recommended on this site. We would like to pay in advance if possible. Hope to hear from you soon.
Regards Tony Goode


Hi Don,
I will soon be planning my holidays for next year and finally hope to get to Fussen  for your Aug 5, 2013 tour for the 50th anniversary of the release of the film.  You can add my name to your list of attendees I read with great interest and envy of the people who were with you this last August in Fussen.
Thanks again for your time and effort in sharing your interest  of the Great Escape with so many people.
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Robert  ( Vancouver Canada) (18.12.12)


Hi Don,
I hope I find you well and I hope your email address is still current.
A long time ago we were chatting about film locations in Bavaria and you gave me your wish list for The Great Escape after I put up what locations I managed to find. My pictures were then on Webshots, but they are now here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrlocation/sets/
I wonder if you managed to solve the locations on your Great Escape wish list yet? If not, then I have good news for you as I stumbled upon a site that has most of the answers.
You asked me for:
1. the location of the airfield.
2. the town where James Coburn steals the bike from.
3. the small hamlet where the plane crashes.
4. the hay bale where James Garner & Donald Pleasance hide behind.
2. is on Ebersberger Strasse in Markt Schwaben.
3. is at Frauenried between Irschenberg and Miesbach.
4. is, I assume, at the same place as 3.
1. is still a mystery.
Germany isn’t yet covered by Google Streetview, so I can’t confirm the locations.
Go to the website and find “Great Escape, The” under their A-Z listing.
Look at the notes under every picture as other websites are mentioned.
With best wishes,
John (22.4.14)

Hi, i had been planning a stop in Fussen on a recent trip to Germany and found your site very helpful and informative while trying to find some of the filming locations. had some trouble finding the jump scene thanks to the weather, but all in all was a great  day.
 Thought I would share some pics we had fun taking. 
 Kind regards,
Josh (31.8.14)


Hi Don

Visited the barn with a couple of biking mates this year.  A lot of time was spent beforehand on Google satellite trying to marry up with the Stooling website photographs! I guess we found it but was puzzled that the field in front of the barn looked flatter than in the film jump.  Do you think the jump was the other side of the road? The beer handle clip (from our local brewery) was left with a message for Josef – hoping he didn’t mind.


Paul (16.11.14)

Hi Don,

Thanks for explaining that. 
I am in Sheffield, UK.  I did wonder if the depression had been dug for the film but good to know it was there and then filled in for agricultural convenience. 
We also stopped off at the 'Sentry Challenge Junction in Weissbach and the Hut next to the electricity pylon where he removes his jacket.  We went to Fussen but ran out of time to find the bus station. 

You're very welcome to use the email/photos.
Keep up the good work.

Think we may have to go and visit 'Harry' in Poland next year........


Paul (18.11.14)


Hi Don.
 I'm in Preston UK and have made a Triumph T100 to look like the Great Escape bike. A few of us are riding down to Fussen and Pfronten in September to find the "Hut" that Steve leant his bike against in the film. Any help with exact locations would be excellent. 
Thanks in anticipation 
Mike Gregg (25/5/15)

Thanks Don, that's great. I've been on your site and got road details. Wife's already booked Gasthof Fallmuhle for the night. But we will pop in and chat with Jacob. I will be in touch nearer my trip. We are off to the IOM for the TT then up to the Shetland Islands in June to make sure my bikes ready for the Europe trip.
Thanks again 
Mike (25/5/15)

Found the Hut, the junction where the German was kicked and the jump site. Got to Pfronten quite late and headed off to Innsbruck the following morning. Your site with the locations is fantastic. I've attached a couple of pics from my phone. There are more on the camera that I will send when we get home. 

Thanks again 
Mike (9.9.15)
It had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Fantastic experience, one I will definitely do again. Thanks for your help. 
Mike (11.9.15)





Hello Don,

I went today to try and find some of the locations you mentioned. I found the hut and I saw some motorbike tyre tracks in the grass beside it. Having seen your latest post I guess they must belong to Mike who was clearly there on Wednesday. I am currently living in Diessen am Ammersee, it’s on the way to Munich from the Pfronten area. Maybe you could tell Mike if he wants to call in on his way home he would be welcome. You can give him my telephone number xxxxxxxxx

Here is a picture of my Triumph Bonneville America at the hut.

Kind Regards,

David (12.9.15)


Hello Don,
I am a French Zippo lighters collector, living in Versailles near Paris. Me and a German Zippo collector, both owned a Zippo lighter with same engraving on double sides related to "The Great Escape" movie.
Please find in attachment, a PDF file (don't worry it is not a virus) with 4 photos about this lighter.
On one side, it is engraved "The Great Escape - Munich 1962", and other side: "Thank you John Sturgis".
The lighter itself is dated from 1961: 3 dots and 2 dots on bottom. We are desperately trying to find more information about this Zippo lighter. By any chance, do you have some informations about this lighter?
We also would like to get in touch with the person named "Josh" who wrote the following message on your web page "The Great Escape Locations Site". May be Josh has some informations and also owned the same lighter. We would appreciate very much, if you could send us his personal email address.

"Hi Don,
I'm really enjoying your site, the photos, the stories, your travels.  I wanted to know if you have heard any stories or read anything about the Director, John Sturges giving any cigarette lighters to cast or crew of The Great Escape as gifts?  I believe I have one, that I just got, and was hoping to get some first hand account of it or them being given out.
If you don't know, perhaps you can lead me to someone who might?   It's getting harder to find anyone alive who worked on the film.
Thanks for your help,
Best regards

Mathieu de NANTEUIL


These T-shirts are available from ZARA clothes stores and these actual photographs were taken in the Southampton branch at West  Quays, England. Each image is hyperlinked so that they can be  purchased online.




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