Where were the actors and the crew based in Munich during the filming at the Bavaria Studios and the surrounding area?

Source: information provided by friends in and around Munich - 4th July 1962

Steve McQueen (Hilts) - lived with his family in Deining with a full explanation on the The Great Escape page


Richard Attenborough (Bartlett)- lived in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten: Maximilianstrasse 17 in Munchen

Charles Bronson (Danny) - lived at the Hotel Ambassador, Munchen: Mozartstrasse 4.

He apparently met David McCallum's wife here on several occasions !!


James Coburn (Sedgwick) - lived in Munchen: 18 Adalbertstrasse


James Donald (Ramsey) - lived in Munchen: 19a Doberreinerstr.


James Garner (Hendley) and James Ekins (Actor/Stuntman) - lived in Munchen-Solin  Ammerstrasse 11

Ammer Straße 11 -  James Ekins lived there in the house on the left


Robert Graf (Werner) - lived to the north of Munchen in Mu-Unterfohring  45a Munchner Str.


Gordon Jackson (McDonald) - lived in Munchen: 7 Jakob Klar Str.

Gordon Jackson lived in Jakob-Klar-Straße 7


John Leyton (Willie) - lived in Munchen: 15/111 Franz Joseph Str.


Hannes Messemer (Von Luger) - lived in Munchen: 7 Dusseldorferstr.

David McCallum (Ashley-Pitt) - lived outside of Munich in the beautiful town of Starnberg in the Seehof-Hotel

Donald Pleasence (Blythe) - lived in Feldafing just down from where David McCallum lived in Starnberg in the  Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth



Robert Desmond (Griffith), Angus Lennie (Ives), William Russell (Sorren) and Nigel Stock (Cavendish) - lived in Pension Wetterstein Munchen-Harlaching 16   Grunwalderstrasse


Tom Adams (Nimmo) - Hotel Maria Munchen: 12 Schwanthalerstr. 114


Lawrence Montaigne (Haynes) - Munchen 62 Luisenstrasse  11 Morgenrothstrasse


Karl-Otto Alberty (Steinach) - Munchen 5 Klenzestrasse 52a


Harry Riebauer (Strachwite) - lived at Hotel Bosch Munchen: 25 Amalienstrasse

Roy Sickner and Roy Jensen (Actors / Stuntmen) - lived in Munchen: 29 Maximilianstrasse


Chuck Hayward (Actor/Stuntman) - lived in Munchen: 144 Prinzregentenstrasse


George Mikell (Doetrich) - lived at Pension-Morena  Munchen-Schwabing  35 Kaulbachstrasse


Robert Freitag (Posen) - lived in the Munchen-Grunwald area: 48 Wornbrunnerstrasse


Jud Taylor (Goff) - Hotel Munchen 43 Bavariaring


Heinz Weiss (Kramer) - lived in Munchen-Grunwald 19 Josef Sammerstrasse


Til Kiwe (Frick) - Waldperlach b/Munchen  15 Melanchthonstrasse


Hans Reiser (Kuhn) - Munchen-Obermenzing  10 Kapellengartenstrasse


Werner Heyking (Guard) - Munchen 25 - 13Ramungstrasse


Ulrich Beiger (Preissen) - Munchen-Laim: 139 Agnes Bernauer Str.


 Steve McQueen (click here) autographed  the guest book when he visited the Hotel Grunwalder Weinbauer restaurant in Munich with his motorcycle friends. A highly scarce Steve McQueen autograph with an exceptionally  unusual long personal inscription to someone who apparently provided cooking for McQueen and his “Great Escape” stuntmen, signed and inscribed in blue ballpoint, “My very best wishes, and continued success to the man that makes the mashed potatoes, Steve McQueen,” and also signed by his wife Neile McQueen. Reverse is signed by four of McQueen’s stuntmen, who write “Aug-3-62, It’s a Great Escape, Roy Sickner,” “Aug 3-62, I’ve had a crashing good time, Roy Jenson,” “Bud Ekins,” and “Just like a home away from home & beats 55.00 per week. Chuck Hayward ‘The Great Escape.’” Also included is another page signed and inscribed by John and Dorothy Sturges.

The Great Escape actors also enjoyed eating at La Bonne Auberge in the Schwabing district of Munich which is now possibly called the Perazzo Restaurant.

" I found a text passage from 1968 in the newspaper "Die Zeit":
„La Bonne Auberge“ am Oskar-von-Miller-Ring

   http://www.zeit.de/1968/21/der-grosse-verberger   end of the second paragraph

Oskar-von-Miller-Ring is a short piece of the "Altstadtring" starting from the "Brienner Straße" going to the tunnel...


Now there is an Italian restaurant "Ristorante Perazzo", but I don't know if this is the old la bonne auberge.


Happy Easter to all! Frohe Ostern!

The "La Bonne Auberge" French Restaurant at Oskar-von-miller-Ring. The offices and a cellar were in Leopoldstr, 80802 Munich in 1970...

La Bonne Auberge was right in the City Centre of Munich. Prime location on the Oskar-von-Miller-Ring, that's the name of the Street. There was no La Bonne Auberge in the Leopoldstrasse. In Lepoldstrasse were the head office and a Beer Cellar. There were TWO 'La Bonne Auberge' restaurants in Munich. One in the city centre and a smaller one in Schwabing. It is believed to be 15 Roemerstrasse. It was soon closed after the larger one was bought in the city. Which one did the actors visit and what was the address?  Munich, Oskar von Miller Ring. There were many actors as guests there.  Almost every day movie stars, singers, presidents and so on.


The address of La Bonne Auberge was Munich, Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 34 cnr Kardinal Doepfner Strasse. It was accessible from both side of the street
corner. When it was sold in the 70’s the new owner closed down after a couple of years.  And then a fashion boutique has taken over the property. It then became an
 Italian Restaurant. But if this Italian restaurant has NOT taken over the whole corner it is not in the same location as restaurant was.

The deal was that only one La Bonne Auberge can exists after the new owner bought the name as well. The address of the other La Bonne Auberge was in the Ainmillerstrasse, Munich.


It closed down around 1967 after the owner had taken over the larger one on the Oscar von Miller Ring, which was still in the part of the greater Schwabing but already Innenstadt.



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