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Neile Adams We lived in Deining for six months during "The Great Escape" Beautiful country, Loved it!!!!



"In May (1962), we were once again on a jet bound for Europe. This time it was Munich, Germany, for a reunion with the Mag Seven team of John Sturges, the Mirisch Company, Charles Bronson, and Jim Coburn. The film was The Great Escape, and Steve had first billing over James Garner and Richard Attenborough. It was the first important film in which he was top-billed, and he relished that. To house Steve, me, and our children, the company had found us a beautiful chalet in Deining, Bavaria (82544 Egling - south of Munich).


The forty-minute drive to the Geiselgasteig Studios was good for Steve, for it provided him his "creative thinking time," but not so good for the farmers who used the narrow roads. Steve made up his own rules as it suited him. John Sturges and company spent half their time keeping him out of jail. Every time Steve came on the set the German police would be right behind him. John would quickly reprimand him with, "You cannot drive through a flock of chickens and you cannot drive into woods and then come back onto the road to pass somebody. You cannot drive faster than makes sense or you will hurt yourself." But when Steve was troubled, driving around was the answer. It helped to calm him."

(page 114 - My Husband, My Friend by Neile McQueen Toffel (1986)


Credit: Marie Fotini...

The residential hamlet of Deining to the north of Munich appears on the map but the farming hamlet of Deining to the south of Munich does not appear on the map and it is here where Steve McQueen and his family actually lived during the filming of The Great Escape.......

The 'beautiful chalet' is located in the small farming hamlet of Deining, Egling. The chalet is off the main road and is hidden by a series of thick trees. Nobody in the hamlet appeared to know where the McQueen's lived during their six month stay from May 1962. By chance, the owner of the WALCH garage stated that when she was 8 years old she played with McQueen's children, Chad and Terry in their chalet. During her lunch break, she walked up the road with her dog and introduced the owner of the chalet to us. The proprietor gave permission for photographs to be taken of the 'beautiful chalet.'

(1962 photograph of Chad and Terry)



Steve McQueen frequently visited this garage, as it was at the bottom of his road, and the owner stated that McQueen would often repair his car at this garage when he was not filming.

Throughout the shoot, Steve McQueen would infuriate the local authorities by tearing to and from the studio in his Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. The German police rigged a speed trap especially in his honour. The police clocked the actor at more than 100mph and confiscated his license. Later, to keep from colliding with a tractor, he performed what he described to Pleasence as "a controlled crash" into a forest.

12, Birkenweg - Deining


The McQueen's lived opposite the garage and up a winding road to 12, Birkenweg, Deining.

(The garden wall where the McQueen sat for a photo shoot)

Compare the windows in these photographs and align them to those windows in the video at the bottom of this page....and of course the slippers.

Neile confirmed on 'Facebook' (4th September 2015) that the photograph of Steve & Neile below was taken in 1962 at their home in Deining, Bavaria.

Looking through the glass window in the above photograph on the left.....the 'alcove' and white wall can be viewed...and matches with the photograph of Steve & Neile sitting on the wall below with the 'alcove' to the LEFT of Steve's head...


The 'stripped' cushions match up in both of these photographs...


(Chad's date of birth - 28th December 1960 is pictured sitting on his mother's lap in 1962 aged 2 years old in Deining ?)


The video shows the location of the 'beautiful chalet' in Deining where the McQueen's lived during the filming of The Great Escape (My daughter is singing in the background: The Midnight Hour).



Bavaria Film Studio, Munich