Where were the actors and the crew based in Fussen?

Source: information provided by friends in and around Fussen.


Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Gordon Jackson, John Leyton and director John Sturges stayed at the Hotel Pergola in Hopfen am See.

Hotel Lisl, Hohenschwangau in Fussen will be closing in January 2014 for a while for refurbishment....

Room 14 is where Walter Riml (cameraman) stayed during the filming in Fussen and the surrounding areas.

The production office was situated in the Hotel Lisl. The majority of the staff, camermen, make-up artists, producers and secretaries were staying at the Hotel Lisl or at nearby hotels (14th September 1962)



The technical team stayed at Hotel Jagerhaus, Hohenschwangau along with Robert Relyea  (room 36), Jack Reddish (38) and Daniel Fapp (42).




....and Hotel Muller, Hohenschwangau


Chauffeurs, construction workers and lighting technicians were lodged at the Pension Schlossblick garni hotel, Hohenschwangau.



The actors David McCallum, Lawrence Montaigne and Hans Reiser had rooms at the Hotel Hirsch along with the stuntmen Bud Ekins, Chuck Hayward, Roy Jensen and Roy Sickner.

The table where Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen use to play poker with hundreds of dollars up for grabs....McQueen also use to enjoy the company of the resident waitresses !!

The room is still in the style it was some 50 years ago....

On Sunday, 23rd September 1962 at the Hotel Lisl in Fussen, The Great Escape Director and Assistant Director called for the entire cast and crew for a 7.30pm party.


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