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Tom Adams lived in Holyport and was known by the customers in the pubs around the area notably The Red Lion pub in Bray and in the Belgian Arms. He has recently moved to Windsor, England.


(High Wire - 1961)


(Dr Who)


Hello, Mr. Whistance,
Are you still in touch with the actor Tom Adams?  I’ve love to interview him, preferably by email as I’m in the States, about his Charles Vine films, of which I am a big fan.
I run several websites and blogs, and would love to set up a page on the Vine films, which should be much better known than they are.
Mirek Lipinski (10.5.14)

(1965 - Charles Vine)


( 1966 - Charles Vine)



(Cinema Retro [May 2015] celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Charles Vine spy trilogy, starring Tom Adams)



(The Strange Report (August-September 1968)


(Subterfuge - 1968)

(Avengers - Take-Over: 18/4/1969)


(House That Dripped Blood - Dominick: 1970)

(The Persuaders - 1971)


(Dr Guy Wallman in ITV's General Hospital (1975)


(Emmerdale - 1988 to 1991)



On Thursday, 15th August 2013 met up with Tom Adams at the BROWNS pub in Windsor & Eton on a mild day which turned overcast and a downpour led us inside the busy pub. It was well known that Tom lived in Holyport for a while and it was the publican of The George on the Green  that instigated 'The Great Escape' lunch with the entertaining actor who highlighted several interesting anecdotes into the characters of Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburg and Richard Attenborough.


On Sunday, 3rd November 2013 met up with Tom Adams at the BROWNS pub in Windsor & Eton again for a three course meal...he has become a good friend and maybe I can persuade him to pop over with me to Munich and Bavaria in early August 2014....


On Sunday, 13th April 2014 met up with Tom Adams at the BROWNS pub in Windsor & Eton again for a three course meal...he is attempting to put together a script to perform in a variety of venues in the Windsor area........


On Sunday, 24th August 2014 met up with Tom Adams at the BROWNS pub in Windsor & Eton again for a four course meal....Chris H and Chris M (who took several photographs) popped along as we attempted to interview Tom for a Cinema Retro exclusive because in the year 2015 will be the 50th Anniversary of the Charles Vine Trilogy....

The 'Charles Vine' article will appear in the May, 2015 Cinema Retro edition and you can order a copy via the editor: Dave -


The Legend Of Tom Adams.

by DAVE on JANUARY 24, 2005



One of the first people I met after moving to England to work at The Hind’s Head in 1998 was Tom Adams. I immediately had him pegged as a bit of a ham, albeit a hilarious one, but so many people seemed to come into the pub and recognize him… point… giggle… that I finally asked him what the big deal was. “David, my young Canadian friend,” he began. “I’ve been in the motion pictures, you see!” I learned from talking to other locals that he was most reknown for the string of funny commercials he’d made. Most of them for DFS Furniture. But his most famous spot was the infamous and side-splitting Hyundai ad.

Tom’s career has actually been fairly impressive overall. He played one of the British prisoners in The Great Escape and even has a few lines. He co-starred with Raquel Welch in Fathom (watch the trailer and look for the guy trying to kill Raquel with a speargun) and has been on all kinds of notable TV shows: Dr. Who, Remington Steele and The Avengers – to name a few.

When I left England he came to my ‘leaving do’ and offered some words of wisdom while my co-worker Tim went around videotaping all of the locals. “David and I have spent many long afternoons together discussing his problems… of which there are many.” Funny stuff. But actually I spent the majority of my time trying to keep the pub landlord from killing Tom – as he would hit on his wife incessantly. Tom is nearly 70 years old and still chasing tail like a drunken teenager. Quite effectively, I might add. I hope to go back to Bray some day soon, and when I do I’ll look him up. Or should I say, I’ll walk into The Hind’s.

Life As Normal with Stannah Stairlifts -













Nestle Aero Biscuit -  Uploaded 4th May 2011


Sorry to inform, Tom passed away tonight, Cancer got the worst of him. Keep the good work up and let the fans know. He was a one off!!!

Best wishes

Michael (TA Friend)

 Date: (11.12.14)

Time: 23.33

Tom Adams died at 9.00pm on Thursday, 11th December 2014 at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough:

A cremation service for Tom Adams was held at Slough crematorium on Tuesday, 30th December 2014 with over 100 mourners in attendance. After the service there was a video showing of his one-man-show; his book: 'Shakespeare was a Golfer' was on sale at Tom's local, THE BELGIAN ARMS, in Holyport to celebrate his life where a glass or two were raised.


Several photographs were displayed on the tables in the pub for all to view:


A Memorial Service may be held at a future date TBA.


Photographs copyrght of Chris Bond...Sunday, 24th August 2014 will appear in the Cinema Retro magazine edition in May 2015 and permission will be sought to have them posted here...


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